About Me

Brendan in 2013I’m Brendan Lewis

I m based in Washington DC, but from Melbourne, Australia.

  • I have 30+ years experience working on growth and innovation, globally.
  • I have broad professional experience in software engineering, operations. accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and international trade & investment.
  • I have launched, grown and exited 3 x ICT businesses in Australia and acquired 2 others.
  • I have raised AUD$2M Seed funding for an Australian Startup I was co-founder of.
  • I have setup technology businesses in Australia, Romania, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. I also have extensive commercial experience in South Korea, the UK, the USA and Africa – and represent a Foreign Government for International Trade & Investment.
  • My background also includes a stint as an Armoured Reconnaissance Officer and running an Advertising agency. I have undergraduate qualifications in Computing and post graduate qualifications in Accounting & Finance.

I am passionate about technology and growing innovative businesses  both locally and internationally.

I write this blog for me, to remember my ideas and decisions.  If you are here, you hopefully find it of value too.  If you want to contact me, connect with me on Linkedin with the reason why you want to connect (note I generally decline cold connections).

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