Monthly Archives: August 2016

Vision and Coffee

coffee and visionI like coffee. The drink sure, but also the doing. The concept that we can exchange information, ideas and insights much more naturally over a drink, than if we were sitting in a meeting room. For instance, yesterday I had a coffee with a woman who was having difficulty growing her marketing business. There were a number of reasons for her challenges but one specific reason caught my eye.

She had the commonly held belief that you should envision a better world, and work towards changing things to your vision. In her case she felt that too many of her potential clients were failing because they didn’t have a strategic marketing plan. She wanted to change that. Unfortunately, the vast majority of potential clients just didn’t care.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a vision of how you want to change the world, but can I suggest that its better if it’s a big vision, rather than a small one for personal gain. Everyone loves what Elon Musk is trying to achieve with Tesla, Space X and Solar City. Everyone loves what Job s did bringing design to the forefront. Everyone loves the fact that Ghandi chose peace as the method to effect change. These are all big visions. No one loves a small vision except for you.

If your vision is small, perhaps it’s better to start with viewing the reality of a situation clearly and take advantage of it, rather than struggle to implement a vision no one else cares for. In her case it turns out she was also extraordinarily good at acquiring sponsors for events. There is clearly massive demand for assistance in this and its easy to sell. The sponsor acquisition service can also be a gateway product to selling services such as developing strategic marketing plans once you are trusted and clearly cash flow positive for the client.

I would package up the sponsor acquisition service with something like a small kickoff fee, then a commission payable on the value of the sponsorship. So from the client point of view the risk is very low and the value is black and white. There is little need for others to “believe” in your vision.

Its hard to embrace this “realist” approach though. Perhaps the coffee tastes a bit too bitter. Although Im sure you will get used to it.