Monthly Archives: June 2014

Validating Assumptions

In 2010 I was asked to give a quick presentation to MEGA program participants,.  MEGA could be described was an early accelerator program in Australia. The title of my quick speech was “Is your idea commercially viable?”. But the thrust of the speech was really on understanding the difference between facts, assumptions, hypothesis and weasel words – and the importance of validating any assumptions on your journey.

I remembered this yesterday when in a Churchill Club meeting, Community Indicators Victoriawas mentioned – an organisation I knew nothing about. It appears they have masses of free datasets and visualisation tools on different aspects of wellbeing amongst communities in Victoria. A fantastic tool for understanding where pain or pleasure can be felt the most amongst our communities. Eg Which communities have the shortest and longest average distances to Public transport stops.

Then there is the Australian National Data Service which is making all of Australia’s Research data discoverable and accessible. Its an absolute treasure trove that is available under the open access and licensing framework of creative commons.

And finally there is the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the mother load of census and economic data, provided under free and commercial models.

Validating Assumptions has never been easier :)