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innovation and birthday gifts

I believe that the major reason Australian businesses don’t like internet based competition is it forces the clever businesses to innovate, and the lazy businesses to drop prices before dying.

Last week I realised I hadn’t done anything about birthday presents for my wife, despite the fact her birthday is easy to remember, as its on Valentine’s day. Anyway, on the Thursday I went online and ordered two presents, both physical goods, one order from the UK and one order from about 50km away in in Victoria. The UK goods were a clothing item she had seen in a catalogue and therefore in an industry where there is lots of competition. The Australian goods however were fairly unique, being a subscription to a magazine with no direct competitors.

The result
The goods from the UK were delivered on the Monday morning, 4 days after I had ordered them (via DHL).
The goods from Australia were despatched on the Tuesday, 5 days after I had ordered them, and delivered 6 days after the order (via AusPost).

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