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Skyrockets in Flight

Almost every year, we spend New Years Eve with another family. Its started when we had babies and we mutually agreed to conduct new Years Eve at around 8:30 pm (Yes I know this sounds pathetic, but as anyone with a newborn could attest, we were really, really tired).

Now the oldest of the children are 7, we fake News Years Eve at around 10:30pm. I like shiny colourful things so I normally organise a couple of spray cans of string and some luminescent sticks. The kids then go completely mental running around spraying gooey stuff and swinging glowing sticks. I used to organise sparklers as well, but then we had the sparkler incident. Without the gory details, the five year old didn’t realise you were supposed to let go once things got a bit burny. Ouch.

I have been saddened by the loss of the sparklers, but this year I have a new plan. I think “a cunning plan”.

So this weeks blog is more of a pretty Christmas gift to you than a story.

Ingredients for the plan:
I x Notebook PC
1 x Data Projector (Have just bought myself an ACER X12670D)
1 x Screensaver software from

Now I have just come across the Really Slick website. It’s a series of screen savers by Terry Welsh who is a guy who’s background is in engineering, physics and design. An eclectic mix. Terry has created some absolutely beautiful screen savers that simulate laws of the universe. His cyclone screen saver is really a full blown cyclone simulation, not just an animation.

Consequently his screen savers require a grunty computer to run. Consider this description of his Hyperspace screensaver “This is a real number cruncher of a screensaver. Computers are getting much more powerful these days, and my old savers don’t bring them to their knees like they used to. This one does. Of course, you can still turn the settings way down if you have a pathetic, old computer. ” Almost a challenge.

Anyway, my plan is to Project his skyrocket screensaver onto the back of my house, at midnight, or 10:30pm or whenever we decide to fake news years eve. I think it will blow the kids minds. Have a look at the image below. Have a think about what this will look like animated and 10 foot high. I’m smiling already.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.


Clearing shit from my desk

On Friday last week, we ran our second Annual Innovation Leadership Festival. A variety of different speakers discussing how innovation in services occurs both in Australia and Overseas, with specific emphasis on empirical research. All good solid stuff in a day long program at the Melbourne Town Hall, with around 100 attendees.

On the Monday of course, I have my usual issue. Mounds of stuff to go through to make sure my I’s are dotted and my T’s are crossed. This generally revolves around: administration, preparation of reports on the day, and making sure I have all details entered correctly for everyone I have met.

In some ways, its no different from any other days, just a higher volume of work to be plowed through.

First off, I set to work ripping up business cards.

That’s right, I rip them up. But first I enter them into my CRM system. (Maximiser 8).

The reason I rip up the cards is because I know who I am; a lazy bugger who will let piles of cards sit around. I will never market to these people if they’re not in my CRM system, and I am almost never guaranteed to find the details I need about them, as usually I only have someone’s email address.

Consequently, I have found that the best way of manipulating myself into being efficient, is to rip up the business cards, as soon as I have entered they’re details. Kind of like giving myself a mini ultimatum “If you don’t enter them now, they’re gone forever”.

Works for me.

I just generally don’t people that I will have ripped up their business card within 24 hours of meeting them. Despite the fact they know it makes perfect sense, they can’t help but feel that the 2c worth of paper and ink has value and maybe they shouldn’t give me their card.