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Event Report – The Monetisation of Social Networks

From the Churchill Club Event of 11-Jun-09

So I had a panel answer a number of questions around monetising social networks, including:

  • Are there profitable social networks or “are we just hanging on till we get bought”
  • What are the winner and loser models
  • What are the KPI’s
  • Can you switch horses during the race?
  • What’s next?

The Panelists were:
Martin Hosking – Chairman of Red Bubble
Lisa Watts – CEO of Artshub
Peter Daams – Cofounder &  MD of Travellerspoint

With myself as the moderator.

Lesson 1 Understand your community

Most people will only ever belong to a couple of communities at one time as true membership requires passion, and you can’t be passionate about lots of things at the same time. (eg family, career, hobby – pick two only)

The internet is not the community, its simply a method of virtually connecting a real world community.

If you can dominate a niche and act like an industry association, membership of your social network will be a given.

Lesson 2 Before you start Continue reading Event Report – The Monetisation of Social Networks